7 tips for planning the perfect surf trip to Ericeira

Coxos in Ericeira is one of the best waves in Europe

Is Ericeira on your bucket-list for your next surf trip or are you planning a holiday to Ericeira right now? Then it might be handy to know some in’s and out’s that can help you make the right choices. Small details can make a big difference if it comes to the perfect surf trip. Below […]

Learn to surf in Ericeira, Portugal

Learning to surf in Ericeira is so much fun!

If you are looking for your first surf holiday, it’s quite hard to figure out where to go. There are so many surf schools and surf camps around the world where you can learn to surf, that the first thing you need to do is to decide on a location. If you are looking for […]

What to see and do in Lisbon?

When you are planning to go on holiday to Ericeira, it’s might be nice to combine it with a visit to the beautiful city of Lisbon. You can decide to spent a couple of nights in Lisbon before or after your trip to Ericeira, but it’s also possible to pack it into a day trip […]

The 5 surf rules explained

Crowds at Coxos in Ericeira

For surfers and for people starting to surf, it’s very important to know the basic surf rules, also called surf etiquette. Although surfing in general is quite a mellow sport, it can be very dangerous if the rules are not followed, especially since the lineups have become more and more crowded. The surf rules below […]

What is a World Surfing Reserve?

Have you ever looked at something and thought; ‘I hope they never change this’? Maybe you even thought that while standing on top of Ribeira d’Ilhas looking out over the ocean, seeing the waves break over the sand, rocks and reefs beneath them. Well, if that’s the case: good news, because Ericeira is a World […]

A visit to the medieval town of Óbidos

A mere 45-minute drive north of Ericeira is the medieval town of Óbidos. Located on higher ground you can see this charming little town already from the highway. It is one of the most picturesque and well-preserved medieval towns in Portugal. A majestic wall surrounds it and within this wall you will find a maze […]

18 great things to do in and around Ericeira besides surfing

Ericeira is well known for its beautiful beaches and great surf conditions. That is normally also the number one reason for people to visit Ericeira. But Ericeira and surroundings have so much more to offer than just surfing. Below you can find a list with some of the best things to do in and around […]

Mafra – home to the beautiful Palace of Mafra

Just about 10 kilometers from Ericeira is the small town of Mafra. You might never have heard of it, but it has some quite amazing things to see! The main attraction is the national palace, or in Portuguese ‘Palácio Nacional de Mafra’ that was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2019. And for […]

A visit to the amazing UNESCO World Heritage site of Sintra

Sintra is a romantic town located in the Serra da Sintra (Sintra Mountains) halfway between Ericeira and Lisbon. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is not only famous for its historic buildings and 19th century architecture, but also for its beautiful nature (the Sintra-Cascais natural park). Sintra is the perfect destination for a day trip if […]

Nazaré – a charming seaside town with the biggest waves in the world

Nazaré is a picturesque seaside town with big, sandy beaches just over an hour drive north from Ericeira. Already for a long time it has been very popular among tourists in the summer, but in the recent years it has also become known worldwide for the huge waves breaking in front the lighthouse of the […]