São João do Estoril – Bolina

35 km from surf house
The surf spot Bolina, also known as Praia do Pescoço do Cavalo, is a short and fast right hander suitable for experienced surfers only. It's a powerful reef break that can offer good tube sections.

Monte Estoril – Praia das Moitas

36 km from surf house
Praia das Moitas in Monte Estoril is a righthand point break breaking off a jetty in between Cascais and Estoril, close to the Monte Estoril train station. The wave usually is quite fat with multiple sections, but can be lots of fun when the conditions are right.

Praia da Cresmina

39 km from surf house
Just south of Praia do Guincho, you will find a smaller and less-known beach called Praia da Cresmina. This surf spot is a mixture of a beach and reef break with a left on the south end of the beach and other peaks on the north side.

Praia do Guincho

39 km from surf house
Praia do Guincho is well-known for its wind- and kitesurfing conditions due to its location close to Cabo da Roca (the most western point of continental Europe). However, when the wind calms down, Guincho is actually also one of the best beach breaks of the region.

Praia Grande

25 km from surf house
Praia Grande is one of the most consistent and renowned breaks in the Lisbon area. This is a very versatile beach break with multiple peaks that work with different tides. Since the beach is very exposed, it picks up lots of swell, but it's also very sensitive to wind.

Praia Pequena

25 km from surf house
Praia Pequena is located just north of its bigger brother Praia Grande. It's a smaller beach with less peaks, but the surf is quite consistent and the vibe often better. It also provides more shelter from the northern winds, which means cleaner conditions.

Praia das Maçãs

22 km from surf house
Praia das Maçãs is a small and cozy beach town just around the corner from the well-known surf spot Praia Grande. Its narrow beach offers consistent surf, but the quality of the waves depends a lot on the sand banks.

Praia do Magoito

19 km from surf house
Praia do Magoito, located in the municipality of Sintra, is a great option if you are looking for a consistent surf spot with less crowds. It's particularly known for its long righthander on the north side of the bay that works best with a bigger northwest swell.

Praia da Peralta

43 km from surf house
Praia da Peralta is a beach located just south of Praia da Areia Branca. It's normally less crowded and picks up more swell since it's less affected by the shelter from the Peninsula of Peniche. The multiple peaks, both lefts and rights, break mostly over a sand bottom.

Praia da Areia Branca

46 km from surf house
Areia Branca is a small beach town located 15 km south of Peniche. Here you'll find a river mouth beach break with multiple peaks and also some reefs on the north side of the beach. A bit more to the south is another beach break called Praia do Areal Sul.

Praia de Santa Rita

31 km from surf house
Praia de Santa Rita is an exposed beach break located 5 kilometer north of Santa Cruz. Depending on the sand banks, there are multiple peaks breaking both left and right.

Santa Cruz

27 km from surf house
Santa Cruz is a typical coastal town, busy with tourists in summer, empty in winter. The beach breaks surrounding Santa Cruz offer lots of potential on small to medium swells.

Praia Azul

26 km from surf house
Praia Azul is located on the north side of a 1.5-km-long beach. The south side of the same beach is called Praia Foz do Sizandro. It's a typical beach break that picks up lots of swell and has multiple peaks with both lefts and rights.

Foz do Sizandro

21 km from surf house
Foz do Sizandro is located 15 km north of Ericeira. It is the south end of a 1.5-km-long beach; the north end is called Praia Azul. Foz do Sizandro is a typical beach break with multiple peaks with both lefts and rights.

São Lourenço

9 km from surf house
On the most northern point of the World Surfing Reserve, at São Lourenço beach, you’ll find a consistent righthand wave with the same name. Setting off from a rocky platform, quite far from the beach, it’s a long wave with multiple peaks and sections.