Pico do Futuro

2 km from surf house
Pico do Futuro used to be a secret spot in Ericeira, so don’t surf it if you don’t know how to. With a solid swell, a hard and quite dangerous wave breaks right in front of the 'Pico do Futuro'.


2 km from surf house
Furnas is located right next to the big Vila Galé hotel on the southside of Ericeira town. It only works proper with bigger swells and can be your best bet when the other spots in the Ericeira region are huge and you don't feel like driving.

Praia do Sul

1.5 km from surf house
Praia do Sul, also called Praia da Baleia, is the name of the beach just south of Ericeira center. It has multiple peaks, but the middle one is often referred to as Praia do Sul. This beach only has surfable waves with a little bit bigger swells.


1.5 km from surf house
Papucos is a wave that is located on the south side of the beach called Praia do Sul, close to Ericeira center. This hollow lefthander breaks over a flat rock bottom and can produce nice, short barrels when the conditions are right.


1 km from surf house
Limipicos is an exposed reef break that has reliable surf. It can work any time, but the best period is the summer half of the year. The take-off is next to a rocky ledge and the wave breaks to the right over a flat stone reef.

Lage dos Tubos

1 km from surf house
Lage dos Tubos is the first reef break north of Foz do Lizandro beach. This consistent wave breaks over a flat stone bottom and normally is a fun, but short righthander with an easy paddle.

São Julião

6.5 km from surf house
Praia de São Julião is a reliable beach break located 5 km south of Ericeira. This long stretch of beach offers multiple peaks with both lefts and rights. It picks up a lot of swell, so even on the smallest days there is most likely something to surf.

Foz do Lizandro

1 km from surf house
Foz do Lizandro is a beach break that is formed by a river mouth. You will find multiple peaks along the beach, but usually there is a left on the south side of the beach and an a-frame with lefts and rights in the middle of the beach.